Influencermoth is a tool that helps you identify social influencers on Twitter.

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With influencermoth you’ll be able to quickly scan Twitter’s social media platform for influential users based on your keyword of choice. Influencermoth is free to use.

Technical specifications
Influencermoth is optimised for use in Google Chrome and is currently limited to 12 searches per 15 minutes due to Twitter API restrictions. It uses a maximum of 2,000 tweets for it’s analysis and requires a keyword that is often tweeted about in the past 9 days, as Twitter’s Search API only includes tweets from the past 6-9 days

5 months of influencer marketing research

Influencermoth is a result of a 5-month long research I did for my graduation thesis back in 2012. The research resulted in InfluencerMoth: a tool to quickly scan Twitter for social influencers. For further reading, I suggest one the following pages:

  • general usage page: for further explanation on how to use InfluencerMoth.
  • info page: if your new to influencer marketing, this page lists some basic background information.
  • blogfor updates on influencer marketing, influencer tools and influence in general.

it’s a beta

Influencermoth is in constant development. If you happen to see something odd, like an incomplete graph, or your percentage of tweets never leaves 0%, please do contact me via the link in the header of the tool. Be sure to mention your query in the message.


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